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Thread: Safari suggestion

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    Safari suggestion

    We are looking at going on a safari in 2021 and then my son will be 4 and daughter 14, so hopefully he will be ok.

    He is absolutely obsessed with animals and weíve done Disney, so thought this is the best idea now.

    Does anyone have any ideas of companies to book with, where to go, how long etc and a rough budget for a decent quality trip.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Is it for shooting or photography/sightseeing?


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    Have you tried a road safari in the UK?
    We visited the one in Woburn last year, it was great fun! Just watch your wipers in the monkey enclosure :)

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    I assume You mean South Africa? Stayed here Mvuradona last October .Amazing wildlife but be warned itís brutal to witness.

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    Safari is one of the greatest trips I think you can do.
    With regard to budgets - there is a safari for (almost) everyone, however it is not cheap.
    I know of perfectly serviceable camps that are $100 a night I know some that are $1000 a night. The former are more traditional safari style camps, tents or rondvals, solar heated water, do your own brai, drink your own beer. You will likely have to pay for things like game drives or fishing as extras. The latter are more like a 5* hotel, everything done for you, cook, waiter, and most activities included in the price. There are camps in the middle price bracket, you pay your money you take your choice.
    Have a look at trailfinders, THG or Kuoni for ideas on camps and costs. They are also pretty good at sorting out trips as well. (THG especially)
    Re: locations the obvious places are Kruger in SA or the Massai in Kenya.
    However Okovanga Delta in Botswana is a great place and you will be almost guaranteed to see the big 5. It is likely to be a bit more family budget friendly. Botswana is also the most stable country in sub Saharan / Southern Africa, which currently has its merits. You can also get to Victoria Falls easily which is a must to see at some point in life.

    One thing I would say though is consider you 4 year old.
    Malaria is rife at certain times of the year. The medication is quite tough on a young stomach so getting kids to take the drugs can be a challenge.
    Also there are lots of things that could pose a danger to any child. You will have to watch him like a hawk. Especially near water. Unfortunately I know two familyís who have had small children taken by crocs. (And one whoís father was taken about 18 months ago) Itís a bit more common than you would think.

    My favourite place on Earth is Mana Pools Zimbabwe, Itís not a safari park in the SA sense but an area of wild bush on the Zambezi, you have to find the animals yourself, there is no guide, no security, you are on your own. I would suggest this as a place when the kids are older. (2 tourists were trampled to death by elephants here last year) but the political climate there is a problem currently.

    Feel free to PM me for more info if needed.

    Edit - I have just read this back and it sounds all doom and gloom. Itís not itís great and I am sure you will have a great time!!!!
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