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Thread: Banning hands free in cars

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    Donkeys years ago my late parents stayed at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. When they returned, my father was still agog at there being a fax machine in the bathroom of their hotel suite. “What the hell is so urgent you need to get a fax about it in the bathroom?” he would ask. Rhetorically I assume, as the answer is, of course, nothing.

    I can’t help feeling the same way about smartphone use in cars.

    Maybe it’s my age.

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    I think it should be an offence to even have a phone, tablet, book etc in your hands whilst driving.

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    Itís always amazed me why Ďwhite van maní doesnít have blue tooth in his vehicle

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    Assume scrabbling round the footwell for a dropped packet of cigarettes, extracting one and then searching for a box of matches and sparking up is still OK. Or fannying around with an e-cigarette thing.

    Using a mobile doesnít need a new law; itís driving without due care like a million other activities that plod never enforces.

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    The simplest explanation I heard, which covers things like phones, food, drinks etc, is that youíre not allowed to operate or use anything thatís not actually attached to the car. Hence stories of drivers being pulled up for eating/drinking whilst at the wheel.

    Smoking does seem to be largely ignored however...

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    Whereas itís okay to use something like iDrive, built into the car but can be as distracting as a phone.

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    Got to be worse, its bigger and out the eyeline.

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    I can understand what any use of a handheld device whether it be for texting- gaming -talking whatever should be banned. I still donít understand the attempt to ban hands free devices that need no interaction with the unit at all to operate. If weíre to ban these then any interactive system that forms part of the car should also be removed. Soon weíll be sat there whilst a computer takes over the whole job and thereís no human input at wait hang on.

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