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Thread: Harrison’s H4 visits the USA - 1963

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    Harrison’s H4 visits the USA - 1963

    Hi all

    Not sure if I’ve posted this before, but I’ve just reacquainted myself with this paperwork I have from when H4 went on loan to the US in 1963. The watch travelled on HMS Lowestoft, whose captain at the time was Ray Lygo, who later went on to become Admiral Sir Raymond Lygo. The reason I have this paperwork is because I own much of Sir Lygo’s paperwork from his illustrious career, which I obtained following his passing away a few years back.

    More on the loan to the US, here

    Hope that was of interest.



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    Very interesting Foggy, thanks for posting - and how lucky to have such important paperwork.

    I often stop off to see one of Harrison's early wooden clocks at Nostell Priory, (National Trust, near Wakefield), which has now been removed from its wooden case so that the internal workings can be viewed

    More info here if anyone is interested
    Best Regards - Peter

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    Thank you both for posting these.

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    Very interesting reading, thanks.

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    Thanks for posting.

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    Glad it was of some interest.

    Here’s a photo of Raymond Lygo, from a later period. To keep in on topic for watch talk, note he’s wearing an issued Lemania chronograph.



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