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Thread: 17mm/16mm straps for JLC Classique?

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    17mm/16mm straps for JLC Classique?

    Hi all,

    My google-fu is failing me. I appreciate that it's an unusual lug spacing, but can anyone point me in the direction of a reputable/quality seller? The official JLC ones are 2-300 euro, which is bit rich.


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    with apologies for the bump... any recommendations for straps with 17mm lug spacing for a mid-size Reverso Classique? Bonus points for straps which can take a 16mm deployant clasp. It's for Mrs Crimsondynamo's watch, the strap for which has seen better days. I'm too tight to pay the full retail on an official strap without at least first exploring the alternatives.


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    Take a look at Watchbandcenter, using the quick search via lug width.

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    Fluco do some good 17/16 - including ostrich .. they are also the oem for nomos cordovan (can come in 17/16 for their 33mm models).

    Sandtuhr on sells either.

    The actual oe for jl is Camille Fournet - apart from exotic Fagliano. Cf can be found cheaper - either direct from themselves without the jl branding or French ebay sellers for some NOS.

    Other uk sellers that might have - carry a bunch including fluco, and cousins do a cheap enough/serviceable ostrich (wonít fit deployant - itís 17/14 if I recall right from mine).


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    Thanks very much. Great knowledge. Happy wife = happy life.

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    Blue lizard.

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