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Thread: BB58 Bracelet Query

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    BB58 Bracelet Query

    Any owners out there with a BB58 bracelet notice their clasp becoming scratched up easily? Had mine for 3 weeks, and already picked up a few desk diving marks. Guess expected and will only get worse over the years. Although picked up an easy & big scratch taking a small bump whilst folding the babies buggy down.

    Thought it might hold better than this. Havenít had a full bracelet watch since my Monster many moons ago.

    Just guess this is norm & will happen.

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    Itís normal for all bracelet watches. When at work I wear mine under my cuff to reduce desk diving marks. My omega AT fairs better because the deployant design is a lot smaller at it looks like another link. On the tudors itís quite a big piece so more prone to picking up marks I guess.

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