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Thread: Fridge freezer packed up

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    Fridge freezer packed up

    Had this one for about 10years. Been waiting for it to pack up as the fridge compartment only seems to have two settings, warm or sub zero.

    Are they better at regulating these days? Anyone have any recommendations or seen any good deals? Need a 60cm wide one.

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    Have you checked the thermostat(s)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bry1975 View Post
    Have you checked the thermostat(s)?
    Yes, like i say im always adjusting it as you just cant get it just right. Ive ramped it right up and it seems to have started cooling a little but not much. Hopefully will give me enough time to look at some and research.

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    Have a look at Siemens and AEG range, ours is started making funny cracking noises so I had a quick look see just in case it needs replacement.
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    Been very happy (well as happy as Fridge can make you) with my Gorenje used since 2014.

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    We had a good look before we bought a new one to replace our Maytag, ended up between Samsung and Sub Zero, we couldn't justify the Sub Zero so bought the Samsung from AO, ordered it on the Saturday was delivered on the Sunday morning.

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