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Thread: Android Phone Back Up

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    Android Phone Back Up

    I'm about to upgrade my ancient Moto G phone and I know I should have done this before. For a total non techie can anyone please highlight the steps I need to go through and any apps I need to ensure I can transfer
    My photos
    What's App messages
    Text messages
    Plus anything else important I've forgotten


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    Google drive.

    WhatsApp needs to be done separately in the app but again through Google drive.

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    My dads phone was so old (My old samsung Tocco) we ended up connecting it to his computer to try to download pics etc on to that as it wouldn't / couldn't transfer across to his new phone. Modern phones appear to be only backwards compatible to a point. I also has to set him up with a google account to try to get the rest across. In the end I think I saved most info (contacts, phone numbers) to his sim card and trimmed it down to fit. Also if your phone has a SD card in it you can transfer quite a lot on that using an appropriate app from playstore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wileeeeeey View Post
    Google drive.

    WhatsApp needs to be done separately in the app but again through Google drive.
    This. It just works, at least for me. There will be some fiddling to be done afterwards to get things as you want them, but that's just what happens with a new OS.

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    There are also some apps that help transfer your data from one phone to the other. Also, the majority of phone prompt you to transfer your personal data from the old phone when you do the initial setup.

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    Just did this yesterday with samsung smart switch app.

    Went from blackeberry priv android 6 to samsung s10e android 9.

    Did it via micro SD card and was done in the hour.
    Seems to have gone okay but some settings didnt get transfered like my k9mail email program.

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