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Thread: Newmark "71" Dive Watch

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    Newmark "71" Dive Watch

    Hello All

    Many of you liked, nay loved, the reissued Newmark 6BB here:

    Ewan, the man behind that, is crowdfunding his next project: the Newmark "71" Dive Watch

    The pictures look fantastic and the build quality will be first rate.

    Lots of dial options (colour, date / no date) -- here's a couple of shots

    More info here:

    Review here:

    There's a discount for those who get in on the funding.


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    Nov 2014
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    Absolutely gorgeous but alas a little too small for my tastes. If it were 42mm, a Blue ND would already be on order.

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    I really like this and even Eddie says their attention to detail and quality is second to none. I might give one a try when they start appearing on SC.

    My only reservation is the date above the 6 as I think Id rather have the window instead of the 6.

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    Any further south and i would have wet feet

    Although it can't help to garner extra support!

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