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Thread: Workman's 911 Photos

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    Workman's 911 Photos

    I thought these photographs were fascinating - a workman clearing the 911 site made a record, the photos (on CDRs) were found in a house clearance sale, some were in bad shape and needed a data recovery company to extract the data.

    I think they are all the more interesting because they were obviously taken by a contractor and have a quality / work perspective to them that I haven't previously seen before in (professional) photos of the aftermath.

    A bit of the back story is here. I really hope they remain on flickr (or freely available online) and don't get pulled - they're an important archive, how time flies this is now passing into history..

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    Thanks for sharing this. Having been to the site, what happened still amazes me. Iíve not been able to compute the scale of the devastation in that area. Having stood at the foot of One World Trade I just canít imagine buildings of that size coming down into the streets.

    There are images like this in the 911 Memorial Museum along with artefacts from the event - apologies if you already know that OP.

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    That's really interesting, got to the bottom of the page and realised there were pages and pages more of them.

    Will have a proper flick through later.

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    Thanks for sharing. Shows how precarious our social records are with the fast pace of technology.

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    Was expecting cars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holsterman View Post
    Was expecting cars.
    Me too, but these are much more interesting.

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