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Thread: Playing fast and loose on holiday.

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    Playing fast and loose on holiday.

    I recently went on holiday to Vancouver and played very fast and lose with my watches. I took 3, my 40mm PRS-25 which I wore once, My Orange Monster which didn't get a look in and my Breitling SOH B20 46 which was worn pretty much 24/7

    From my watches point of view my holiday went something like this.
    Security at Gatwick was a breeze, stayed on the wrist and no metal detectors went off, didn't even scratch my nose as i went through.
    Flight was dull.

    Wandering around a big tourist city like Vancouver brought no mugging attempts even though there were quite a few shouty hobos present.

    Went camping over the US border on my cousins ranch in Deming, during this time I played 9 holes of golf, went swimming, stumbled about in the dark when my bladder rebelled at 3am all whilst wearing my watch.

    YVR security was far worse than LGW people just didn't seem to grasp the rules regarding liquid. Still no beeping or even a wanding.
    Flight was dull.

    Watch is now sat on my wrist, condensation free and running in spec.

    So I'd have to say that given the tool watch nature of the Breitling it's a great holiday watch and would suspect that other similar watches would be able to cope with a holiday admirably.

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    You went to Canada and the US and were worried about muggings? Id be more worried on the streets of Bedford

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    This thread is useless without piks.
    Fas est ab hoste doceri

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    Quote Originally Posted by VDG View Post
    This thread is useless.

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