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Thread: Recommendations for a decent watch tool kit?

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    Recommendations for a decent watch tool kit?

    Iíve been considering purchasing a watch tool kit (not for watch repairs, more for strap adjustments etc) and am looking for recommendations. There seem to be plenty of cheap looking kits on eBay but the quality does not look great.
    Has anyone found one that is reasonable quality?

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    I started off with the Bergeon 7812 tool kit, which has pretty much everything you need for bracelet fitting and battery changes. The quality of the tools is top notch. The set is quite expensive though.

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    ^^^That's the one I was going to suggest but if you're on a budget this would suffice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thewatchbloke View Post
    if you're on a budget this would suffice.
    Thatís what I started with. At circa £10 it pays for itself pretty quick.

    There are loads of different retailers on Amazon selling more or less the same kit configurations, so I donít know if theyíre all pretty much from the same Far East factory, or if quality differs between them.

    The tools arenít great quality (the screwdrivers especially), but considering the price itís pleasantly surprised me how well it has held up. The case back opener & knife work well enough, and the spring bar tool is ok, if a little rough around the edges. The tweezers arenít nearly precise enough for movement work, but fine for most other uses.

    The blue bracelet pin-pusher device in particular has fared well. It is prone to bending, but with care it has done the job well for lots of bracelets over the years (even the irritating Seiko pin/collar system, or the infernal TAG Heuer links). The slot in the end is handy for holding bracelets so that the little pin-punches (also supplied) can be used to carefully hammer stubborn pins in or out. Being plastic it also helps prevent marking bracelets.

    For occasional strap changes & bracelet adjustments it will be fine. A pair of needle-nose pliers & small hammer also helps.

    Over the years I moved-on and supplemented it with better quality tools, including Bergeon stuff (over time youíll get a feel for what you really need, and where money is best spent), but for just strap & bracelet stuff I could have gotten by with the cheap kit. The Bergeon kit will be much better though, if you can stretch to it.

    No matter what tools you go for, my advice is that (for simple strap & bracelet work) a successful outcome depends only maybe 10% on the quality of tools, and 90% on patience (lots of), good lighting, a suitable working surface, a comfortable working position, a bit of prior thought/research as to the best way of working, and care in taping-off areas to prevent unwanted scratching.

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    I was surprised to see that Machine Mart offer a watch tool kit;

    I canít speak to the quality of it as I ve never tried it.

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    My approach is to buy the tool when I need it and buy a decent quality one each time - and I normally line it up with my next Cousins order.
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    I'd second Bergeon, its what we use here in the workshop. Buy each tool as you need it so its not such a big outlay. Having a good tool makes a hard job easy, and in particular with watches helps you not damage the watch or the strap fighting to do the job with a poorly made tool that'll slip and damage or break somthing. The Bergeons are actually very good value given how nicely made they are


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    The Bregeon tools are top quality. Just buy what you need when you need it and buy the best once. Don't damage a costly watch with cheap Chinese tools, it's a false economy you'll regret.

    By the way, I like tools.

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    £14 from Amazon

    Seems ok. Their springbar tool seems decent, the tweezers all meet up accurately, feel fairly well made for the dosh.
    The bracelet pin push thing (clear plastic thing) is a bit sketchy but works fine

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    Looks pretty good, do you have a link for it? The one I got from Amazon was ok, but nothing special

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    Quote Originally Posted by notenoughwrists View Post

    £14 from Amazon

    Seems ok. Their springbar tool seems decent, the tweezers all meet up accurately, feel fairly well made for the dosh.
    The bracelet pin push thing (clear plastic thing) is a bit sketchy but works fine

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    I have the same one. Bought as nice Xmas gift. Used a few times seems ok. Wasnít convinced with the spring bar tweezers, didnít seem that strong when using on the BB58 bracelet.

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