I hope this is ok to share here. A personal friend of mine for a few years now (Jason Dill aka Justadad) over in the US is facing a very daunting set of legal costs to help with the adoption of his little girl Ellie, who the family fostered as a baby.

A friend of the family has set up this Go Fund Me page to help raise some money to help.


Now over the past few days, started by Chris Vail of NTH/L&H, many of the micro brands have been donating watches to be given away (in a draw) to anybody making a donation over $20 through the GFM page. They are now at 13 watches pledged with perhaps more coming... and the GFM has raised over $9k already.


So... if YOU are feeling generous and would like to support a fellow watch enthusiast (and NOT Justadad) with a small chance of maybe drawing a watch out the hat to add to the good karma then you know what to do.

Also probably worth getting over to this thread on WUS https://forums.watchuseek.com/f71/li...4970861?page=1

Or following Janis Trading on FB to keep track of developments.

Amazing to see the watch community supporting one of its own when they need a little support.

Thank You

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