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Thread: PRS 17C Repairable or easier to fit new movement?

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    PRS 17C Repairable or easier to fit new movement?

    A while ago I attempted to change the battery in my PRS 17C. While trying to loosen the battery clamp the head of one of the screws sheared off leaving the body of the screw still in the hole so the battery clamp now can't be used correctly. I don't know if it's related to my battery change attempt but one of the subdials doesn't work at all now. Would this movement be repairable or is it easier just to get a new one fitted? Is there anyone you could recommend to repair it?

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    I've been there recently on this. A few years ago a useless jewellers sheared one of the battery strap screws (but didn't tell me) but it still worked so I left it and I did several more battery changes myself. I did the last battery change but it never started working again. I sent it to Paul Walker of this parish (WalkerWatchWorks) who found the stub of the screw bowling around in the movement though we are not sure if this caused the failure. In the end we replaced the movement with a 251.264 (which drives the chrono hands much quicker than the '62).

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