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Thread: Anyone been asked for a copy of your passport for a private deal?

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    I have swapped my passport photo details previously even with a couple of members on here.

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    Iíve exchanged passport details with Hood (Jim) on here. Couple of years ago when Jim was putting a deposit on the SDc I was selling.

    I never had a problem with it.

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    How do you feel about letting European hotels take a copy of your passport when you check-in?
    It's something they're legally obliged to do in some countries. If you refuse, they won't check you in.

    I don't see that the risk of ID theft is any different in this case.

    From the buyers viewpoint, I completely understand. If the watch turns out to be stolen, (under UK law) you didn't have good title to it, so had no right to sell it, that means it still belongs to the original owner. The original owner can, in theory, reclaim it from the purchaser and the purchaser must pursue you for his money back. You can really understand why he'd want to cover himself against this eventuality.

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    Anyone been asked for a copy of your passport for a private deal?

    I asked someone to send me a copy of their passport when I sold a watch recently as they were picking it up from my house.

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    A few years ago someone in mainland Europe wanted to buy a couple of my watches (I responded to a WTB) and was persistent in his requests for ID, which I was not prepared to give. I wasn't actively looking to sell the watches so I told him I can't be bothered with the hassle and put the watches away.
    I see no reason to give a complete stranger a copy of any form of ID, whether passport or driving licence.

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