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Thread: Track day drivers - what would you recommend for a beginner?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesG View Post
    I can only speak of my experience, but I did 4 track days in 9 months and 5k miles and had no issues. The supercharger needs servicing at 80k ish and this is often missed as it involves a decent amount of the front end removing but there are a few other jobs one can do at the same time to make it efficient. It's not hard from the YouTube videos I've seen. The cam chain tensioner can fail with disastrous consequences but you'll have months of start up rattle as a warning before that happens.

    Reading in to your username I now also own a WRX (late 2008 hatch with EJ255 engine) and compared to the Mini it feels like I am sitting on a ticking time bomb. I reckon it wouldn't be very good on the track either due to being very softly sprung so I've stayed away.
    Thanks for the reply.

    Yep, as well as the 172 I have two Imprezas (JDM sti V6 & WRX wagon) 2.5ís are indeed a ticking time bomb! Iíd really like a hatch but itíd have to be a JDM 2.0 sti as the 2.0 is the one to go for.

    I did have a 2.5 once but it was a forged engine with cosworth head gaskets and ARP bolts etc. Been a while since Iíve been around the forums but I think the head gaskets weíre going on the 2.5ís due to the open deck block?

    My wagon (2.0) has 130k miles and the engine sounds sweet as a nut. One of the issues with these cars would have been poor maintenance, they got so cheap at one point and kids just drive them til something goes wrong without regular oil changes.

    Iíve personally witnessed a P1 grenade itís engine but again this was a lad who wasnít much for maintenance. He brought it to me with the bottom end knocking, I checked the oil and there wasnít even any making itís way to the bottom of the dipstick. He used to thrash the hell out of it and god knows how there was no oil as mine donít even need topping up between changes but I guess a lot of time near the redline and really hammering it round roundabouts will burn it away.

    Even a Renault 5 GTT is a reliable car if you maintain it rather than fix it I say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxy100 View Post
    Did you just mention roll cage?

    How long is FIA approval on those.

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