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Thread: Would you buy it again?

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    I did rebuy a Seiko MM300 and never intend selling it. Would rebuy a GS Snowflake if I sold it. Everything else is a no except my Sinn U1 SDR which is a HELL NO. Horrible pile of cr@p. I must have a had a dud because I thought it was terrible compared to everything else I've owned

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    Strangely I would have had a list of quite a few 'yes' on my list, but as time has gone on I have realised that there are often subtle reasons for selling which will rear their head again and the cycle will reboot.

    I have just one on my list currently - A Radiomir Black Seal - my previous Radiomir was not a Black Seal so perhaps it will stay this time?........
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    After a burglar took my Omega Speedmaster Moonphase (black face) I loved it so much that I got the broad arrow version (3575.20) so that's definitely a keeper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by needmorstuff View Post
    Seiko Tuna - yes
    Breitling superocean - no
    Rolex Sub no date - yes
    Superocean on my Wishlist. Why wouldn't you buy again?

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    Would you buy it again?

    Yes to all my current, except my CWC G10, which is too similar to my Hamilton G10 and my swatch Irony, which looses to the more disposable Original Black Swatch when travelling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom-P View Post
    Are respondents listing watches they have let go, and saying whether they'd like to buy them back (or not); or are people listing the watches they have bought and kept and saying whether they'd do the same thing again?
    As the OP, the idea was to look at the current collection and imagine, let's hope not, that somehow they were lost, stolen or otherwise suddenly not there. Would you replace it? For me, value is not part of the equation, it's whether you still like the watch enough to replace it. But if members would like to consider purchase value -vs- current value, why not.



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