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Thread: Would you buy it again?

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    Would you buy it again?

    I often think that the ultimate test of whether you like a watch, is to ask yourself whether you would buy it again. Obviously the answer changes depending a myriad of factors, including cost, current value, how long you've had it and what else is in the collection. It may be fun or helpful to post up the answers to your current collection. Here's mine:

    Watch Buy Again?
    Rolex Explorer Yes
    Rolex Submariner No
    Omega Speedmaster Yes
    Smiths PRS-29B Yes
    Seiko Turtle SRP779 Pepsi No
    Steinhart OVM Yes
    Seiko Shogun No
    Citizen Ray Mears 2 bn0118-04e Yes
    Citizen Pro BN0217-02E No
    Citizen BN0151-09L Yes
    GW-5000-1JF Yes
    GW-6900 Yes
    GW-S5600 Yes
    GD-350-8 Yes
    DW-5600HR Yes
    DW-5600MS No
    DW-5600-E Yes
    DW-5035-D Yes
    GA-835 Yes

    My noes surprisingly include my Sub which although a beautiful watch and possessing sentimental value is not one I wear regularly and when I do I quickly find it a little dull. I did stare at it for the first four years of ownership which may explain my familiarity with it. The Turtle and the Shogun have been superseded by the OVM and Citizen divers. The Citizen Pro BN0217-02E is one I still enjoy wearing but I prefer the Ray Mears for a tough go to quartz. Finally the 5600-MS is on the no list due to the poor visibility of the LCD.

    So what would you rebuy or not?

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    I still have nearly all the watches I've ever bought, so not a question I've ever thought about. But a good thought exercise for the ones I have, say if they got lost or stolen.

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    Rolex Explorer: Yes
    Smiths Everest: No
    Smiths PRS-68: No

    After the first 'yes', everything else for me is by default a 'no' (despite those two Time Factors being fine watches).

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    Interesting idea for a thread!

    The ex-collection pieces:
    Sinn 103 : Yes, but a blasted case one
    Sinn 903 : Yes
    Steinhart OVM : No
    Seiko SKX : No

    Wasn't overly impressed with the finish on the hands of the Steinhart, in fact enough to put me off a Steinhart in future, and the SKX's I've had are built to a price, not a quality in my opinion!

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    With the exception of a few cheaper odds and sods, YES.
    It's just a matter of time...

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    Buckinghamshire, UK
    Fortis B-42 Limited Edition Chrono: Yes
    Fortis B-42 Cosmanout: Yes
    Tag Heuer Targa Florio: Yes
    Steinhart Nav-B Chrono: No
    Junghans Max Bill Automatic: Yes
    Casio G Shock Solar: No
    App** Watch: No
    Garmin 735xt: Yes

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    These are some of my multiple buys

    Zeno Explorer x 4
    Seiko 7002 x 3
    CWC RN Diver quartz x 3
    CWC G10 x 5
    Seiko Sarb017 x 3
    Seiko Pogue x 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlphaEchoAlpha View Post
    Interesting idea for a thread!

    The ex-collection pieces:
    Sinn 103 : Yes, but a blasted case one
    Sinn 903 : Yes
    Steinhart OVM : No
    Seiko SKX : No

    Wasn't overly impressed with the finish on the hands of the Steinhart, in fact enough to put me off a Steinhart in future, and the SKX's I've had are built to a price, not a quality in my opinion!
    What was it about the finish of the hands exactly that led to your disappointment?

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    Like most of us here, I've re-bought watches that I've sold. But unless something big changes, the reasons for selling it the first time will be remembered, and the watch will get sold again.

    So, I'd certainly consider re-buying a Sinn UX, or EZM-1, or an Explorer, but the fact that I've sold these watches before mean that I'm likely to sell them again. I'm trying to remember this - it should save me time and money!

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    There are not many that have disappointed me to an extent of not wanting to buy again. The stand out is Rolex Explorer.
    I know it is a forum favorite and I tried hard to like it but just wasn't for me.

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    Would you buy it again?

    Yes to:
    Aerospace NM
    B&R Demineur
    Orange Monster Gen 1
    Black Monster Gen 1
    G Shock GWM 5610

    Probably No:
    Speedy Moon watch
    G Shock 9400

    Vostok Amfibia
    Anything I have sold


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    Of my 7 watches,

    Dreadnought PRS 21
    Precista PRS 50B,
    Smiths Everest (Original)
    Omega PO (2500)
    PAM 00118

    I wouldn't sell any of those, so rebuying wouldn't be an option

    I have an Omega Constellation Chronometer, a 1966 one, on beads of rice that I am thinking of getting serviced and giving to my daughter, and I wouldn't rebuy that, as though it is a beautiful watch is does wear very small

    My Tudor GMT, while a lovely watch, I wouldn't rebuy either

    Of the few I have sold I probably only miss my Speedmaster Mk 11 (original) and I do consider rebuying one of those



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    I've owned four platinum dialed Yacht-Masters, selling three for various reasons. The fourth I've no intention of selling and wear it almost daily for a few years now.

    I have a Glycine Lagunare and whenever it's on the wrist, it get's a lot of attention. As I'm not an attention seeker, I'm not sure I'd buy one again.
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    Tricky question. To my mind anything I have bought in the past I wanted at the time, but newer additions to the collection means that some get less wear and less love. E.g. I really wanted my PAM 346 when I bought it, but since getting my 720 and 721 it gets little wear. I have a dressy Cartier that I bought many years ago when I had no children, out every weekend, and wore a suit to work. Can't remember the last time I wore it. And most recently I picked up a 126660 JC, but it is very similar to my 116660, so should really have stuck with the original.
    Some gone that I don't miss, I had a 16610 which felt tinny, I never bonded with, BLNR that I quite liked but it felt small.
    So, buy again; 116660, 116660 JC, 126600, PAM 24, 243, 422, 587, 720, 721, Cartier roadster chrono. Not; 216570 polar, 116680, 126660 JC, 16610, 116710 BLNR, PAM 49, 231, 346, BPff, BB bronze, Cartier tank chronoflex.

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    Blog Entries
    Of my current collection

    I'd buy all of them again

    - except for the Bremont - which I might try for a different model if I ever sold/lost.

    Down to seven now - and happy. Though as said before, I have an eye open from the new Breitling re-issue when it arrives this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omegamanic View Post
    With the exception of a few cheaper odds and sods, YES.
    And, judging by your recent thread, you often have - even without selling the first one!

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    Itís a question that really makes you think about your watches and, if the answer is no, should you sell it?

    Hereís mine

    GMT Master II. Yes
    Explorer II. No
    Picard chrono. Yes, if I could find one
    PD chrono. No
    Speedbird III. Yes
    G shock. Maybe

    SWMBO bought me the G shock because I wanted a solar atomic watch and itís a great beater but I really donít know if Iíd bother buying another.

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    The need for change, for something fresh and new, seems to be basic to the hobby. To me, the interesting question is can you maintain an interest without changing stuff. The jury is out on that. I mean, how many guys on here have bought a watch in the last year....95% ?

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    I think Qatar-wol nailed it for any I've sold in that I had a reason and that reason is unlikely to change ie they haven't worn well, lived up to expectations or I have tried them and time to move on. I'd buy a 14270 and a Sinn 856 again but primarily because they were versatile enough to stay on my wrist which was a nice change at the time but after the honeymoon period I refer to wanting some variety.

    For those I own, I'd buy about 60% again but I don't regret buying the other 40% and I'm in no rush to move them on. I'm currently pondering whether I can move from 16 to say 5 but which 5 is proving difficult (as many previous threads on here demonstrate!).

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    I've made a point of not repeating myself, but never say never, if these came up at the right price, I'd be on it like a Scotch Bonnet.

    Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph 40mm
    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph 39mm
    Zenith Chronomaster triple date with moon phase.
    Breitling Blackbird 40mm

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    There are none that I have sold that I would buy again. Of those I have, I would certainly buy at least 50% again. I donít think I would be likely to buy many of the remainder again, as they never make the list of watches I would keep in a slimmed down collection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paskinner View Post
    The need for change, for something fresh and new, seems to be basic to the hobby. To me, the interesting question is can you maintain an interest without changing stuff. The jury is out on that. I mean, how many guys on here have bought a watch in the last year....95% ?
    the high of unboxing fades a lot quicker than the time taken to earn the money for that watch. If this feeling is the end goal then the hobby is little more than retail therapy. It also takes lot longer to earn the money for a watch than the joy gained from a few mins of inboxing. There has to be other dimensions to it.

    I've been enjoying the hobby in other ways lately, such as tracking accuracy, cleaning what I have, trying new strap combinations. It all adds a new dimension to it, and gives me some fun using the watches I have.

    The forum here is also also a nice dimension to it, it's a great community, can share opinions without it getting too heated, get real views of watches I could never afford, and theres a lot of support and good will in the dragon.

    The only watch I sold that I would still like to have is the orange seiko sumo sbdc005.

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    Depends on situation I guess. If I didn't own any of my current watches then I would 100% buy the same ones as I'm really happy with the collection. It's changed a fair bit over the years but I'm now really content with what I have and would be very hard to consider selling any of them.

    If I sold any of them though then no I doubt I would buy them again as I haven't done that with a single watch yet. If I sell something then chances are I've tired of it for some reason, so no point going out and buying another after.

    Once something is gone is gone, I have a few regrets over watches I've sold during tough times, but have never come close to rebuying them tbh. In that situation is rather look for something else I like than go back.

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    There are definitely a few that I don't have due to various reasons over the years that I would now buy again if I could.

    • Rolex Sea Dweller 16600
    • Zenith Rainbow Flyback El Primero
    • TAG Heuer 2000 series - white dial
    • Breitling Avenger Seawolf Ti (2003)- black dial

    These all formed the basis of my watch hobby at different times since 1996 and so it would be very nice to have them in a collection again.

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    Iím with Tetlee: never go back. Nostalgia does funny things to the mind and while there are a few watches which Iíve tried again, in general I find myself remembering why I sold them in the first place, and flipping them again in short order.

    The exception is my Mk2 Speedy, which is an epic watch that I dearly wish I still had.

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    good idea for a thread:

    Breitling Steelfish - No
    Breitling Bently 6.75 - No
    Breitling Navitimer 01 LE - Hell yes, wish I never sold it
    Hailton Jazzmaster- yes
    Hamilton Open heart - no
    Hamilton GMT - yes
    Breitling, day date chrono who's name I cant remember - yes
    Omega AT 8500 - yes

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    Halios Seaforth
    Zenith El primero 1969
    Omega seamaster ceramic blue


    Nomos minimatik
    Omega planet ocean 42mm
    216570 polar
    Tag heuer autavia reissue
    Omega speedy pro
    Oris TT1

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    quick reply...
    seadweller (any)-YES
    Daytona Meteorite-YES
    Other Daytonas-No
    Rolex Submariner-Early ones -YES, later ones No
    IWC Ingenieur 3227/3228-YES
    IWC Pilot/Chrono-YES
    Ollech&Wajs ID series/Mirage-YES
    Stowa Flieger-Yes
    Stowa Seatime-No
    Girard Perregaux SeaHawk-No
    Perrelet Alarm-No
    Revue Thommen Airspeed-YES
    Glycine Combat-Yes
    Rolex GMT -No
    Tutima Fliegerchrono- YES
    Sinn 103-YES
    Damasko 36/46-YES
    Rolex Air-King Date- YES

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    Omega Speedmaster - Yes

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    While the purchase, receipt and unboxing of a new watch is undoubtedly a high, for me, the ownership and making memories while wearing a watch and the subsequent recollection of those memories when putting it on is more of a driving force for me. Thus I tend to keep my watches.
    As to whether I'd buy them again if I somehow had to sell one or lost it? I'm not sure I would, it would seem like a 'fake' something that looked like the real thing but hadn't been through the experiences associated with it. I'd probably buy something from the same genre but different enough to stand on it's own.

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    Omega white Seamaster GMT - don't know. After 12 years I found it too big and heavy. Rubber strap helped, but I sold it anyway.
    Omega Speedmaster - YES!
    Fortis Flieger - probably yes
    Omega De Ville GMT - yes
    Seiko Turtle - no, too big
    Hamilton GMT - no, too big
    Rolex Explorer II - I own currently and yes, I'd buy again.

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    Omega Seamaster 120M - Yes

    Omega SMP 300 Quartz - Yes

    Rolex Submariner. - Probably not

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    Not a big flipper, so the list is short:

    A couple of Seiko 6138/6139 chronos - experimented and found my favourite a 6138-3002. I still have an example so no need to try again.

    Seiko MarineMaster - I have a thread going on that. Currently undecided!

    Sinn 152 - enjoyed owning but its time in my hands was over.

    Panerai 233 - one of Panerai's finest. I was an odd one in finding the 1950 case super uncomfortable compared to the standard Luminor. Go figure, but wouldn't buy again.

    Panerai 183 - I sold to trade up to a 190. I still miss it, but I couldn't justify keeping it.

    Overall pretty happy with my sales! A lot of my 'cheaper' watches I tend to keep instead of moving on as I've not needed the cash, and they bring enough joy for the fleeting moments I do wear them!

    Same with my G collection, so far under 10 which is acceptable

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    Omega PO, had it 6 years, love it and would buy again if lost.

    Omega SMP, 36 mm 1999 version, flipped. Didn't bond with it although I liked a lot of it.... I'd buy a slightly later one with applied indices and tighter end links.

    Steinhart Ocean one, 42mm. Nice but if I lost it I'd look at either a smaller version, or something else like a Seiko for the same money.

    A citizen eco drive I had for years.... Utterly battered by the end but then it lasted well for 2 decades nearly I guess. Great watches but not what I want just now so I'll say no, I wouldn't buy again (but wouldn't discourage others from considering)

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    Navitimer - great when basically my one watch, but date function is a pita when worn in rotation (very first world problem) so now seem to always pick speedy first.
    AT Annual Calendar - almost perfect, though slightly too thick for me.

    Pam392 - good to try but panerai is not for me
    SKX009 - on indefinite loan to my brother
    Orient bambino
    Vintage gold omega dress watch, looks beautiful but feels too fragile to enjoy

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    Oct 2016
    5167 - Yes
    BLNR - Yes
    Sky-Dweller - Yes
    Oysterdate - Yes
    15300or - Yes
    Tudor GMT - No

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    Omega speedy, seamaster - Yes
    Seiko automatic divers - No
    Casio quartz beater diver - Yes

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    Excellent thread topic, here`s mine;


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    Brietling Transocean Yes
    Tag Monaco McQueen Yes
    Omega Seamaster 300m Yes
    Sub Lv No. Wanted one for years. Always felt disappointed and could never get a good fit.
    Sd4000 Yes. The only Rolex I miss.
    Blnr No
    Explorer2 No
    Panerai 287 No. 7750 wobble use to drive me mad
    Seiko Monster Yes
    Omega Speedmaster Yes
    G Shock Gw 1000Aer No. The most uncomfortable watch Iíve ever owned.
    Jean Richard Terascope No

    Currently only own two watches.

    Panerai 590. Yes
    Panerai 425. To early to say as I only picked it up on Sunday and the OEM strap is driving me mad. Fingers crossed the Corrigia and Ammo straps Iíve ordered arrive by the end of week.

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    With the exception a few G-SHOCKs that I canít remember these are all of the watches I have owned over the last 10 years. Some have been a very quick catch and release and others have stuck around for months or years. An asterix denotes a watch owned more than once.

    I thought this might be a useful exercise to persuade me NOT to buy some of these watches again!

    Dressy Watches

    Rolex DateJust 116234 - NO
    Rolex DateJust 16234 - NO
    Rolex DateJust 116200 * - NO
    Omega AquaTerra 2518.50.00 - NO
    Grand Seiko SBGX265J - NO
    Seiko SARB031 * - NO
    Seiko SARB035 * - NO
    Seiko SARB033 - NO
    Omega Geneve cal 1012 - NO
    Tissot Desire T52541131 - NO
    Pulsar PRS649X1 - NO
    Seiko 5 SNX577 - NO
    Seiko SARB045 - NO
    Seiko 5 SNKL07K1 * - NO
    Rotary gold-plated quartz - YES (for sentimental reasons)

    Dive Watches

    Rolex Submariner Date 116610LN * - YES
    Rolex Submariner 114060 * - NO
    Rolex Submariner 14060M * - NO
    Rolex Submariner 14060 * - NO
    Omega SMPc * - NO
    Omega SMP 2254.50.00 * - YES
    Omega SMP 2531.80.00 * - YES
    Omega SMP 2264.50.00 - NO
    Omega SMP 2551.80.00 - NO
    Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAY2112.BA0928 * - YES
    Tag Heuer 2000 Series WK1213.BA0312 - NO
    Ollech and Wajs M1 - NO
    Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster BN0151-09L - NO
    Citizen Promaster BK3150-04E * - YES
    Citizen Promaster BN0000-04H * - YES
    Citizen NY2300-09E - NO
    Seiko Samurai Zimbe SRPC43 - NO
    Seiko Prospex Turtle Dawn Grey SRPD01K1 - NO
    Seiko Prospex SRP777J1 - NO
    Seiko Prospex Jade Monster SZSC005 - NO
    Seiko Orange Monster SKX781K1 * - YES
    Seiko Prospex SBCM023 * - YES
    Seiko SKX007J / K * - NO
    Seiko Prospex SBDN001 - NO
    Seiko Prospex SBDN013 - NO
    Seiko 7548-7000 - NO
    Seiko SNZH53K1 - NO
    Zeno PRS-3 * - NO
    Scurfa Diver One (Stainless Steel) - NO
    Vostok Amphibia 420 ĎZissouí - NO


    Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch 311. - NO
    Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch 3570.50.00 - NO
    Hamilton Khaki Chronograph Automatic H71416733 - YES
    Seiko 61396002 'Pogue' - NO
    Seiko SND309P1 * - YES
    Seiko SND367PC - NO
    Pulsar PJN305X1 * - YES
    Pulsar PJN273 / PJN275 * - YES

    Field / Explorer / Pilot Type Watches

    Rolex Explorer II 16570 ĎPolarí - YES
    IWC Mark XV - NO
    Daniel JeanRichard Highlands 24004 - YES
    Hamilton Khaki Field Quartz 38mm H68411133 - NO
    Hamilton Khaki Field Quartz 33mm H68311533 - NO
    Ollech and Wajs M67 - NO
    Precista PRS-10
    CWC G10 - NO
    Seiko Alpinist SARB059 - NO
    Seiko Alpinist SARB017 - NO
    Seiko Spirit Military Quartz SBCA001 - YES
    Seiko SGD499P1 - NO
    Alba APBT211 - NO
    Pulsar PS9045X1 - NO

    Beater Watches

    Casio G-SHOCK G-7700-1ER * - NO
    Casio G-SHOCK GW-M5610-1ER * - YES
    Casio G-SHOCK DW-5600-1VER - NO
    Casio W-756-1AVES - NO

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    Great's a few but lots more G shocks and other stuff that's been and gone...currently I have an old Tag SEL chrono (engagement pressie), an Oceanus S100, two Citizen Ray mears 2 (2018 edition), a GWM-5610 and a PMD56...quite happy with my lot but have a hankering for a GS ever...

    G Shock MRG-7500 x2 Yes (rare and DLC lovliness, loved the dial)
    Casio Oceanus OCM-800 (lovely chrono and very comfy)
    Casio Oceanus OCW-S100 x2 Yes (currently have another , lovely, lovely thing)
    Casio G Shock GW-M5610 x3 Yes (big fat yes all day long)
    Casio G Shock G-5000 x3 NO (lovely but just too heavy for my needs as a digital)
    Rolex ND Sub Yes (although couldn’t get a comfy fit on bracelet)
    Rolex Explorer 2 YES(loved that watch)
    Rolex Explorer 36mm YES (foolishly thought it was too small and let it go, bah !)
    Grand Seiko SBGX061 x2 Yes (currently got a WTB for another !)
    Grand Seiko SBGX083 Yes (a bit bigger and rarer than the SBGX061...would have another back in a heartbeat but had to sell at the time)
    Citizen PMD56 x3 Yes (a definite yes, probably the best all rounder I’ve ever had)
    Citizen Ray Mears 2 2018 YES (brilliant daily wearer, in fact I managed to grab two in a sale)
    Citizen RM ltd edition NO (brilliant daily wearer and I didn’t mind the logo but the Ray mears 2 came along…)
    Citizen RM ltd edition Diver YES/NO (really nice watch but a bit too big for me and the internal date cyclops drove me mad)
    Stowa Flieger 40mm auto YES (very comfortable and incredibly accurate)
    Stowa Flieger 36mm auto NO (very comfortable, accurate but surprisingly illegible because of the size of the smaller hands..the second hand always got confused for the minuites hand...big shame)
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    Right here
    5610 G-Shock HELL YES!
    BLNR YES (but not at current prices so mine is going nowhere)
    116610LN YES
    Explorer 114270 YES
    Datjust 1601 NO
    Nomos Club 701 NO
    PRS18A NO
    PRS29A YES
    CWC G10 YES
    Helson Sharkdiver 40 NO
    Seiko SARB 035 NO

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    Are respondents listing watches they have let go, and saying whether they'd like to buy them back (or not); or are people listing the watches they have bought and kept and saying whether they'd do the same thing again?

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    Hadnít thought that much on it ^^^
    My response a mixture of both...

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    I will restrict to those I HAVE bought again.

    16570- didnít want to sell the first or the second, couldnít afford one now...

    PRS25- has three, keep coming back to the ideal size and look.

    Breitling A17040- actually re-bought my old watch without realising. Just love these old school Breitlings.

    Seiko Monster- has several incarnations, always hung on to the gen 1 BM.

    Speedy- had lots of different versions, would still have more.

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    What a great thread, it's really got me thinking about my watches, especially the ones from the past.

    I'm not going to list all of them, mostly because I don't think I can remember them, but the only one that stands out as being potentially a regret spend and so I wouldn't buy again is the rectangular Zenith Port Royal. The watch is lovely, and I love Zenith as a brand, but I don't know what made me buy a rectangular one.

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    Sub Yes

    BLNR No

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    Omega Great White - Yes
    Omega 2254.50 - Yes
    Speedmaster Moonwatch 861/1861 - Yes
    Speedmaster MK2 - No
    Speedmaster 4.5 - Yes
    Connie - Yes
    Zenith El Primero Surf case - Yes
    Zenith vintage dress C Shape case - No
    Bulova Moonwatch - No
    Zodiac Sea Wolf - No
    CWC G10 - No
    CWC Quartz naval reissue - No
    Seiko - Spork - No
    Seiko - UFO - No
    Seiko - Bullhead - No
    Seiko - BFK - No
    Seiko - Orange Monster vs 2 - Yes
    Gigandet Big Boy - No
    Certina DS - No

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    wakefield, west yorkshire
    Seiko Tuna - yes
    Breitling superocean - no
    Rolex Sub no date - yes

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    Blog Entries
    Iíve sold three specific watches on here I thought about buying back at some point, then I thought I sold them for a reason. So no, Iíve moved on in my collection style and tastes.

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