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Thread: Cheaney - factory sales?

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    Cheaney - factory sales?

    Afternoon TZ,

    I'm on the hunt for some new boots, and I like Cheaney's approach to how they make theirs.

    However, I visited the Jermyn Street store over the weekend, and I was not impressed with the finishing on the three I had a look at (gaps between the leather and rubber heel components, or wonky stitching on parts of the upper, or badly cut leather on the throat). For 425+, I was pretty underwhelmed.

    Then I recalled someone, I think on here, mentioning factory sales? If a decent discount can be had, then I could certainly see myself getting a pair or two.

    I've had a search online but found nothing - was it Cheaney's or another manufacturer who does decent sales?


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    I have a shoe fettish and have multiple Cheaneys, barkers, trickers, grenson, looks and more in my collection ad most have factory stores in Northampton definitely Cheaneys, trickers and Barkers as I visit the factories personally and there are usually decent savings to be had additionally they also have sample sales that also offer similar discounts but its pot luck as to what is there, so if you are committed to going then the factory stores are definitely worth a visit, if you google the factories call them to ask whats in stock before making the visit

    Good luck

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    There is a proper factory shop 2 Rushton Rd, Desborough, Kettering NN14 2RR. Well with a visit.

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