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Thread: Menís watch bracelet

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    Menís watch bracelet

    "One of the most interesting shifts in the watch industry that I’ve seen is how new products are conceived. While not universal of course, so many of the new watches coming out now are reactions to consumer requests and habits, as opposed to independent creative decisions made by artists and designers at brands. Of course, the watch industry (like the fashion industry) has always attempted to produce products that are relevant to current consumer tastes, I am convinced that 80% or more of new product decisions today are attempts to produce “me too” watches that seem to fit within consumer spending habits.

    A good example is how brands are responding to the recent popularity of elegant, albeit sport-style, steel watches with cases designed with integrated bracelets. The surge in popularity of Rolex steel sports watches and the Patek Philippe Nautilus has resulted in many companies (at all price levels) coming out with their own answers to the men’s “bracelet watch.” Gerald Genta helped start this trend in the 1970s and today, the value of a “distinctive looking” non-precious metal watch (meaning it can be visually identified as coming a particular brand) is not in doubt. Many companies have their own “answer to the Nautilus or Royal Oak,” which doesn’t necessarily imply a copycat design (although there is enough of that going around) but more generally an original watch case with an integrated bracelet that can be worn casually or more formally. This is certainly a trend I’ve been seeing a lot of, and I think consumers generally win as a result." (Ariel Adams)

    Baselworld 2019 Watch Trends & Industry Outlook (page 2)

    After Rolex announcing that they no longer see themselves as makers of tool watches... and that their market today is in exclusive jewellery... it made me thinking along the same line... that in due course what we see as watches will become bracelets that just happen to also show the time.

    [The watch in the pic is a Seals Model A]
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    A very interesting point - we are seeing this more. Thankfully I tend to prefer wearing my watches on straps, NATOs and the like. Bracelets have improved though I think it is criminal not to include a micro adjustment nowadays (surely it can be integrated without losing some sleekness?) I struggle immensely getting good fits.

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    Interesting article. Though I don’t quite see a watch being a bracelet with a time piece attached - rather, the reverse.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MartynJC (UK) View Post
    Interesting article. Though I donít quite see a watch being a bracelet with a time piece attached - rather, the reverse.

    Well I think it depends on the watch - the Nautilus and Royal Oak are great examples where you can clearly see it is as much about the bracelet as it is about the watch, if not more. There was a great article somewhere on the web going into detail on how a Nautilus bracelet is polished and finished - I'll try and find it.

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    I interpret your comments to be that there are two main trends - one of design being trend and consumer lead, and one of bracelet watches becoming more of a focus, more important.

    I believe the first to be pretty much true with the probable exception of the very high end - where the uniqueness and extreme pricing mean it's a very pointed bit of the pyramid, with a very exclusive audience. The main brands have cottoned onto consumer tastes for vintage so have raided their back catalogues. Many manufacturers are delving into the dive market where they produce what can be described as fancy watches with dive ability - Bucherer, Richard Mille, Hublot spring to mind - rather than tool watches. Even old brands with tool heritage, such as Favre Leubra (whatever), are being reborn with updated tools (possible pun?).

    I also believe brands are trying to get to own, be identified with, clearly identifiable bracelet styles. However they have also got on to swapping out straps for the trendy. The plethora of natoesque styles from the brands is mind blowing.

    Be careful what you ask for. These things were missing and hankered after for years. No we've got them in spades I'm not so sure.

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