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Thread: New CWC SBS with vintage lume and T dial.

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    Jun 2014

    New CWC SBS with vintage lume and T dial.

    What are people thoughts on this?

    They've certainly got the lume colour nailed for the superluminova, but it's it stretching things too far along with the T dial? Could make it extremely easy to pass off as an original tritium dial(which of course command a premium) especially with a simple case back swap. Of course the giveaway would be the lume wouldn't be near dead.

    I'm in two minds, but I think overall seeing as I don't own or can afford an original this one looks the biz.

    Would I spend 699 on one? If I didn't already own a steel version then possibly. I think I would choose it over the C3.

    Incidentally my steely also has a T dial but that was one of the mistake ones they put out for a brief period.

    What do you lot think?
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    Same price as a new SBS, so then why not if you prefer this dial.

    Have a couple myself, a standard non issue 2014 and a very limited 2018 with the matte bezel with the leather strap; great watches but a 2013 RN Auto is my regular wear watch as I like mechanical.


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    New CWC SBS with vintage lume and T dial.

    I prefer the T on the dial and having lume that works has to be a bonus however I am not sure. If Luminova it should be an L on the dial.
    My 1980 reissue has a small T but that is in keeping with the homage intentions.
    I will stick with my original T dial SBS which does still glow and is usable at night when my eyes are dark adjusted. I also have a L dialed auto which has awful lume, if I could get it swapped with a new dial I would.
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