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Thread: Stolen items

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    Stolen items

    Posting this on behalf of a jeweller I know, the following items were stolen from a car on route to a post office to be posted out. The car was locked and they probably used a key scanner as everything of value was removed from the vehicle within a few minutes without any sign of forced entry.

    Rolex Daytona 116523 Serial:7272T203 Had a non original mother of pearl dial and had just been serviced and polished.

    Rolex GMT 1675 Serial: 1902076 This is just the middle case, case back and bezel (being sent out for laser welding).

    Bracelets being sent to be refurbished:
    Rolex GMT 1675
    Rolex 16013
    Rolex 69173

    This happened in Hove end of last week, it has been reported to the police and THMarch are handling the claim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ballas View Post
    It's a shame this happened. I once had a souvenir sword stolen, it was a gift from my good friend too and quite valuable. It was similar to these ones: I am thinking about buying the same one myself, even if it's not cheap. Should have known better of course - but I was in a pub in a different country.
    So many questions...

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