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Thread: Crafter Blue and Sinn U1

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    Crafter Blue and Sinn U1

    Anybody know if any of the curved end crafter blue straps that are meant for Sekios will fit a Sinn U1? Not over keen on the non taper aspect of my U1 silicon strap and like the look of the crafter blues.

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    I'd like this too.

    I just tried my Pelagos CB on my U1 and it was tantalisingly close, but just can't get the pins in.

    On the plus side it's because there's too much rubber, so it may be possible with a knife and more patience than I have...

    Shame because there's a Pelagos Crafter Blue with red inner which would work really well with the U1...

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    I'd like to know this too as I am looking to put my Kemmner Octopus on a curved end rubber strap and I know for sure that the Sinn U1 stock strap fits the Kemmner perfectly!

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    I spotted on another forum earlier that someone was recommending an uncle Seiko SKX strap for a U1 - got me thinking...

    Crafter Blue do an SKX strap and I have an old SKX on a Seiko bracelet somewhere at the dusty end of the watch box. So, I tried a quick swap - it seems it might just fit ok.

    The Seiko bracelet fits the U1 pretty well, but the shoulder profile is not quite the same so it's not going to be perfect from all angles.

    I am pretty tempted to try it even with that potential mismatch. I recently got a crafter blue for my orange sumo and I've never worn the watch so much in about 10 years of ownership.

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