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Thread: Vintage stoneisland help

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    Vintage stoneisland help

    Ok this isnt a sales pitch I just need advice , so going through some stored clothes and I find my excellent Stone Island turtle neck jumper ,now this stuff seems very in at the moment and some vintage stuff fetches silly money . I have lightly/hardly worn it so it needs to go. Any clues as to pricing it ,I reckon its vintage 15yrs + (cant honestly remember) I think I bought it in Italy when me and the wife (girlfriend then) were courting.I know there are some guys who have this stuff so advice welcome,my poor pics

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    The art number should tell you what year and season it is from. Off hand I canít remember whether itís the first three digits or the last three.

    I follow these people on Twitter. Might be worth contacting them for an idea on price. They are dealers so may be on the low side. From my limited knowledge it tends to be the 80ís and 90ís stuff (mainly jackets) that go for big money. Recently Iíve seen these people sell dead stock from the late 80ís for £1100 a jacket and it goes straight away.

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    art 31156b56/d seems to date it 1999 autumn/winter so vintage i would have thought, knew it was older than my kids

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