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Thread: How not to change battery on an Aerospace E75362

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    How not to change battery on an Aerospace E75362

    I have a Breitling Aerospace E75362 for a battery change but wasn't sure whether the case back is screw off or clip off.
    I found this unbelievable YouTube video.
    The guy doesn't bother to remove the bracelet completely, uses totally the wrong tool in the wrong position and slips on the case back twice probably marking it and also risks stabbing his right hand. He then removes the old battery with a finger nail and puts the old battery back in with a sweaty finger. He finally uses the cheapest ebay case closer and seems to have difficulty holding the watch in place because of the still attached bracelet.
    This is what happens when a watch repair is undertaken by someone with little or no experience.
    No wonder I get so many watch cases to refinish !

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    That’s quite scary to watch.

    Reminds me of my Timex (I think) ‘Tag F1-a-like’ when I was at school & couldn’t afford the real thing.

    Battery needed changing, to save money I purchased the battery, removed the case back myself & then couldn’t press it back in.

    Wood work school vice. Tighten, nothing, tighten, pop goes the case back & bang goes the crystal.

    My first and last efforts with doing anything with watches beyond changing straps!

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    I changed the battery on a Seiko Kinetic once. Never, ever again.

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