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Thread: Everest 36mm - additional pics?

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    Everest 36mm - additional pics?

    Since discovering its existence, in the last 24hrs, I've nearly bought the 36mm Everest about 5 times. I love the size, the dial, the subdued 'Everest' , everything, but some photos of it, I'm visually jarred by the hour hand looking too short to my eye. I can't determine whether this is down to photo angles, or whether I would also think that 'in the flesh'.
    I'd be hugely grateful if any 36mm Everest owners would post pics of their watches as well as any observations if they shared my hour hand impression and their subsequent assessment on ownership. (If anyone has any side by side shots with a 1016, that'd be the cherry on the cake!)
    Many thanks!

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    Itís so good I didnít take it off for a whole month. I could easily become a One Watch guy with this one...

    I too was buying into the whole hands-are-this-and-that Internet Concern... but having actually owned it that has never once been a thought when I look at it.

    Thereís nothing else (good) on the market like it, and it may be a year or more before Eddie releases a version with different hands (if at all). I wouldnít wait...

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    Thereís nothing wrong with the hand length, some people didnít get the exact 1016 clone they wanted, thatís all. Without any contrived charging of the lume I can read mine during the night after 4 or 5 hours, so the hands seem to work ok for me. Just buy one, you wont regret it.

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    Since its arrival i have had no issues with any part of this watch at all
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    Mine arrived last Friday and i think Eddie really hit this one out of the park. Excellent quality as always from Timefactors.

    Just waiting on Eddie to produce the 20/16mm bracelet because the clasp on this one is just a tad too big for the watch IMO. It does the job very well i just prefer a slimmer clasp.

    And lets be honest you're not looking at the clasp anyway.

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