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Thread: Grumpy Horologist

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    Grumpy Horologist

    Hi brand new and first post so please be nice.....:)

    Recently recaught the watch bug and have been buying different watches over the last few months. I even had a go at modding a Vostok and I was successful in changing dial hands bezel and hands - but like many - have come unstuck with the crown and stem. I've been all though various forums and tried all methods to get it re-inserted (remove in set position, tweezers to try and re-seat, leaving the movement loose in the case to try and re-seat it etc etc - nothing seems to work for me. I know the stem works as when its out of the case I can insert it and it works to hand wind and move the hands - its just when its in the case I cant for the life of me get it to seat properly.

    Being a complete novice/amateur I gave up and took it to my closest watch maker (he appears on the BBC2 show - The repair shop) and he was really dismissive and not interested in helping. Basically in his words 'these watches are terrible and teh movements are no good'. Strangely enough he wasn't to bothered about servicing and repairing 2 x Tags I took to him that ran me the best part of a grand,.....hey ho...

    Anyway - an appeal for help. Is there anyone who members can suggest I send this too so they can sort it for me? Im hoping there are some Vostok enthusiasts out there who may be able to suggest a forum member who can take this on or another watch repairer who isnt as judgemental.

    Any ideas/thoughts most welcome.. Hopefully Ive added a picture of the watch as it looks now - started off as a 060 case Vostok with a teal dial and a Compass bezel.
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    Grumpy Horologist

    Hi and welcome. Loads of Vostok enthusiasts and experts on here; one or two have helped me out brilliantly.

    I suggest changing your thread title to ‘Looking for Vostok help’ as it might get a bit more response. Mods and Wreckers is visited less than other parts of the forum.

    In any event I’m sure someone like Lampoc will be along soon to help out.

    Best of luck, looking forward to seeing some more pics of your watches.

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    You need to make sure the movement is secure in its case and that the winder hole lines up exactly with the tube hole in the case. You then press the bolt pin down with pointed tweezers whilst pushing in and turning the crown at the same time.
    Sometimes the clutch wheel moves off the yoke and the stem then won't go in at all until you take the dial off and put the clutch wheel back between the yoke.
    It can help to lightly lubricate the stem square.
    Welcome and good luck.

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