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Thread: 97 year old man pulls staright out on someone on main road.

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    Unlike most people, giving his licence back would not affect his lifestyle one bit.

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    I know one of the cars occupants has a broken wrist, which in itself is bad enough. But what if his lordship had pulled out in front of a motorcyclist, and caused god forbid, a broken neck, spine or similar life changing injury. Or if the occupants in the other car suffered similarly. Doesn't bear thinking about really, his family should do the right thing and stop him driving.


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    " but the greatest gift the railways give to us is the proper treatment of time." John Betjeman , BBC Home Service radio broadcast 4 July 1940.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sundial View Post

    Why the "allegedly" bit? He either gave up his licence or it was taken away from him and the article does suggest the latter, does it.

    Anywhoo he is now off the road, and another day closer to getting fitted for his wooden overcoat. .

    Whoever does not know how to hit the nail on the head should be asked not to hit it at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sundial View Post
    He's allegedly voluntarily surrendered his driving licence:
    Do you reckon Lizzie, as head of Royal family marketing, advised him to do so, or the police leaned on him to avoid having to lay some kind of charge against him? I just dont see him voluntering his licence cancellation.

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    Professional well researched journalism, that's the ticket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sundial View Post
    Orf with his 'ead!

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