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Thread: Nice hotel in Milan?

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    Nice hotel in Milan?

    Just booked a flight in May for SWMBO and myself, had some avios that were about to expire. We like Italy but have never been to Milan before.

    Flying on Friday morning so will be there lunchtime-ish. By the time we've picked up luggage (it'll only be a suitcase between the two of us) and got the tube into town it'll be time to check in to the hotel. Coffee and a wander to get our bearings then we'll have Saturday and Sunday to explore before we come home on the Monday. Pretty standard pattern for a city break, really.

    Any nice hotels that have a personal recommendation from the TZ crew? We're quite happy to go with the chains, I've got loyalty cards for most of them which is normally good for a few quid off.



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    Italy has some great hotels but what's your budget? I've used Starhotels and they have 4 in Milan but not cheap. Not at Baglione prices though

    Prob spoilt for choice in Milan. Some serious dressing there (if you like clothes). Your wife and/or you may need to up your game (not good for you or your wallet)

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    I stayed here in November: -

    Nice hotel, rooms were well appointed, and most importantly (to me) it was a 2 minute walk into Piazza del Duomo, so if you're sight seeing, it's ideally placed.

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    Ive stayed several times over the past few years at Hotel Berna both while attending the Italian Grand Prix and on city breaks with the other half. Comfortable, fine value, very handy for the station, extremely friendly and efficient staff.

    Have a look at the Tripadvisor reviews. The Four Seasons it is not, of course, but Id rather spend the savings on some decent food.

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