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Thread: Go pro hero 7 help/tips

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    Go pro hero 7 help/tips

    Hi guys, Iíve finally got myself a go pro with a view to using it for a few different applications. Iíve never had one before and am a little confused as to what settings to set. Iím away for a long weekend with the family next weekend and would really like to make some videos. My initial thoughts were to max out the 4K and frame rate(?) to set it to the best settings. Iím now reading/hearing this will take up huge memory etc and itís not actually needed. Can anyone advise as to what I should set the settings at for clear video which I can transfer to my Mac for safe keeping/watch at a later date? Iíve got a handheld stick/tripod attachment with it as well. Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated!

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    There are a load of videos online (you tube) and from what Iíve seen itís often post processing that gets the Ďqualityí shots. The settings Iíve been told to use give a very flat picture straight from the camera but capture the most info for post processing. Admittedly, Iíve set it up for skiing in 10days so I may be talking ballcocks!!

    Any recommendations for post processing videos would be much appreciated (free if poss)!!!

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