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Thread: The obligatory new car thread

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    Porsche Macan. I bought a new one after the PCP on our M3 ended. The Macan is sublime. Needed room for newly acquired dogs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AsifG View Post
    I've had a B7 RS4 before and may be looking to get into a B8 soon so when you get closer to making a decision it may be worth us having a chat!

    I will certainly give you a shout in a couple of months or feel free to send me a message when you are ready.

    Just had the Audi serviced last Thursday, they pointed out the front tyres are getting low so I have some new Continental to go on when I get time.
    It would make a great car for someone as there really isn't anything it needs and its kitted out with almost every extra.

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    New X5 looks crap. Get the Velar now that they've ironed out the kinks or wait for the SVR version in a couple of months. Residuals much better than the BMW so not too scary on a PCP and just a more premium car all round

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