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Thread: Some numbers seen on FAKE Rolexes, 2018 :

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    Some numbers seen on FAKE Rolexes, 2018 :

    The better fakes are now being given unique case numbers, with corresponding (but high quality fake) warranty cards.

    However, for what it is worth I am aware of FAKE Rolex watches that have been offered to the trade and others recently, with these numbers :

    0H4K9991 - 116610LN

    1L06Y253 - 116610LN

    19P4R824 - 116610LN

    J02K6698 - 116610LV

    J63K7730 - 116610LN

    S59T6M69 - 116710BLNR

    6M9G8Y71 - 116610

    J29K1808 - 116610 (LV)

    There may well have been genuine watches with these numbers, somewhere in the world, but if you are offered one take extreme care.

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