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Thread: Before the NATO Strap

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    Before the NATO Strap

    Just a picture showing some of the fabric forerunners of the NATO strap and highlighting the work of four enthusiasts who have contributed to the start of production of great homages.


    1. A NOS WW2 era 16mm American Strap Co. on a Waltham A11 USAAF watch with RAF markings.
    2. An original DEF-3 type webbing strap, 16mm on a British army WW2 ATP.
    3. A NOS WW2 era US 16mm GUSS strap.
    4. 18mm VB Hygenique which has the extra bit like a modern day NATO.
    6. A RevO handmade 18mm fabric strap. RevO did a lot to research early fabric straps with hq_sandman_ute on MWR, resurrect interest, search for fabric and components and prototype making them again.
    7. A very nicely made 18mm homage to the DEF-3 made by geo7863 on MWR.
    8. Again another well made 18mm homage to the late 1940s A.F. 0210 by Rob on MWR (Aquatic_Gaur). He now has a website dedicated to his production which includes weaving the webbing.

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    Nice line up, I have something similar on my buships.


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    Great post thanks.

    For this interested there's more info over at mwr

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