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Thread: Tudor Pelagos

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    Tudor Pelagos

    There are many styles of watch review on the internet, sometimes they even seem to be written without the reviewer having handled or worn the watch in question. Some often have out of focus pics.

    I thought that I would write a review of my journey with the Pelagos, a watch I have owned since December 2014. Some of the pics are even in focus, albeit somewhat short of the high quality often seen on TZ.

    Why did I buy it?
    Following Tudorís return to UK ADs in 2014 I had tried on a number of models and decided a Tudor would be my next watch, probably a Black Bay. However I also liked the idea of the Pelagos, as an alternative to a SubC or SD4KC, at a more wallet friendly price point.

    I visited the AD In December 2014 and decided on the day to go for the Pelagos, rather than the Red or Blue bezel Black Bay. I was won over by the more austere brushed case, matt dial, Tool Watch looks compared with the BB, SubC and SD4KC that were also in stock.

    The Watch

    A 42m titanium case, with lug to lug of 50mm and a dial/crystal of just over 31mm. The weight of watch and bracelet, sized to a 7Ē wrist comes in at 141g.

    The dimensions are at the upper end of what works for me, helped in my view by the flat case back. The flat case back, also means that I think it also works well with a NATO or a GGB style strap.

    I think that the current in-house movement means the watch is deeper and the case back less flat.

    The weight is more than I thought for a titanium watch/bracelet, however I think that both the case back and parts of the clasp are steel - small detail that helps to ensure the watch is balanced on the wrist.

    The movement is an ETA, modified by Tudor and like the early BB models, the smoothest winding ETA or Sellita movements that I have owned. Runs at approx +1-2 seconds a day, depending on pattern of wear.

    Dial and case detail

    I really like the simplicity of the matt dial and how the lume markers are slightly recessed. The lume is easily the best of any watch I have (the bezel markers also have lume).

    The pointed crown guards have a vintage vibe and the crown screws in as smoothly as on a SubC.

    I appreciate that some folk get exercised about white date wheels, on a black dial watch - itís never bothered me! On this watch a black date wheel would, in my view, look odd. The white from the date wheel, plus the reduced size of the marker at 3, mean that combined they are the same size as the marker at 9.

    The 60 click bezel has very fine teeth and the action is as smooth as any bezel I have handled. Attention to detail is evident, in that the force required to move the bezel from the 60 mark is subtly greater than to move between any of the other markers. This means that in normal use the bezel doesnít get knocked out of alignment.

    The Bracelet

    The bracelet is also high quality, although in many ways, both a strength and a weakness.

    The weakness for some being that the clasp is quite big and chunky. Not really an issue for me, as itís worn with casual/scruffy clothing, rather than trying to wear under a cuff with a smart shirt for work. There is also no chance of the clasp getting in the way, if you are brave enough to wear it for itís intended purpose!

    However although chunky, the construction of the clasp is a work of art!

    Ceramic bearings on the flip lock part of the clasp, that closes with a satisfying click. Micro adjustment on the clasp, of which one setting allows the bracelet to expand whilst wearing, without the wearer having to adjust it themselves.

    As the Pelagos seems to have been designed as a real diving watch, there is also a well engineered divers extension, in addition to the micro adjustment.


    The watch also comes with a high quality rubber strap that fits into the bracelet end links. Quite often rubber straps intended for diving seem too long, when worn on dry land, rather than over a wetsuit. The strap here is an ideal length for dry land or swimming, but comes with an extra part, that is designed to join onto the strap for use over a wetsuit.

    Detail is shown where the strap goes into the end links. The rubber, which is narrow at that point, is lined with what looks to be a carbon fibre type material for added strength.

    Pics with different straps

    Overall itís still one of my favourite watches and if I could only keep two dive watches it would be one of them.

    If you got to the end of this thank you!

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    Fantastic review congratulations, really enjoyed reading that and as another lucky ETA Pelagos owner I can related to everything you've written about the quirky details and why you like it so much.
    Out of interest what's the other Diver that you would keep if you could have only two watches?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat7 View Post
    Fantastic review congratulations, really enjoyed reading that and as another lucky ETA Pelagos owner I can related to everything you've written about the quirky details and why you like it so much.
    Out of interest what's the other Diver that you would keep if you could have only two watches?
    Cheers. As can be seen from the macro pics, itís certainly not a safe queen! However it hasnít marked as readily as titanium often has the reputation for.

    If restricted to only 2 divers (well providing I kept a few non dive watches as well!) it would likely be my 14060M, in preference to SubC or Black Bay. Admittedly part of the reason is the connection that I specifically purchased the Pelagos a couple of days after the birth of our grandson, but I still think itís a great watch and example of a no nonsense tool watch.

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    A great review of a fantastic looking watch ... nicely done!

    My next watch is going to be a Pelagos, I cant stop looking at them

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    Fantastic review and sums up exactly my thoughts on this awesome watch.

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    Cool Good review

    Nice informative review, also excellent photos.

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    Picked up a pristine two liner example from SC last month. I used to think that the current model with the in house movement would be the one to go for. But actually this suits me just fine. Less text on the dial and an ETA movement that still gains just over a second a day despite being over 5 years old.

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    Great review. Always nice to hear 1st hand experiences.

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    Agreed - one of my favourite dive watches I've ever owned (and I have/had 8 different types over the years).

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    Great review. Thanks.

    I wish they'd do it in smaller size ( 39"~40") and that would be my perfect one watch option.

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    Thought Iíd bump this great review after picking one up in a trade from a great forum member.

    Very pleased as wanted to try an ETA for a while now!

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