Anyone knows how to control the hands of a classic analogue quartz watch ?

Like this :

I am currently challenging myself to turn my quartz watch into a very simple hybrid smartwatch ! The idea is simple: when I tap twice on the glass, I would like the hands to move and stop at noon. The movement keep working in the background. When I tap twice again, they go back to the accurate time. Just for the pleasure of seeing it moving.

To do that I need to find a way to detect my twice-tapping and move the hands without affecting the accuracy of telling time after.

It would be easier if I do not need to change the whole movement inside but only modify an existing quartz basic movement with electronic parts to make hands move quickly, just like other hybrid watches as the Withings above.

Otherwise, I already found the supplier of Withings' smart movement: Smart Movt :

But I don't have a clue how to program it myself. And if I want the manufacturer to do it, I have to pay and order a lot...

Any engineer here ?