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Thread: IWC tries to crack America

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    IWC tries to crack America

    IWC Schaffhausen has always been an outlier in the Swiss watch industry, founded by an American and nestled*on the German border, away from the cluster of other manufacturers. Now it's attempting another counter-intuitive move.

    The watchmaker is pouring more resources into the U.S., a market that has proven tricky for Switzerlandís famous brands because consumers there donít have the same appreciation for intricate timepieces as people in Europe and Asia, source of most of the industry's growth. Instead, the Apple Watch has taken the U.S. by storm, making it ever harder to convince buyers to splash out thousands of dollars on what they perceive as a gimmick that principally does one thing: tell the time (and probably less accurately than a smartwatch.)

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    Somehow I see them as the brand with biggest potential to conquer US. They offer a very nice line up of watches which I think suits the US market. The screen presence they get in movies don't hurt either.

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