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Thread: Cheap doesn't always mean bad.

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    Cheap doesn't always mean bad.

    We have heard that "you get what you pay for", but that isn't always necessarily so.
    For example, these bezel inserts I thought to order the black, blue and GMT:

    They are sold as plastic, but when they arrived they are actually made of a robust aluminium with a peel off plastic protective cover.
    I fitted one to my home made sub-a-like below, and it is just fine.

    I intend to try out an idea with the others, by coating with several layers of clear nail polish and then smooth any imperfections with 1500-grit wet and dry paper.

    For 99 pence, these are great value for money even if you have to wait several weeks for arrival.

    Please post your own great value items - if you have any!


    The strap is also a cheap and cheerful 2.99 ebay offering, I cut off and sealed the short keeper as I find them uncomfortable.
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