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Thread: Old v New Rolex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speedy2254 View Post
    I'm surprised to hear you say that - I've owned a 2254 for 11 years (my first "grown up watch"). One of the reasons I chose it was that it wasn't a Sub - even then Subs were what my mother calls "ubiquitous", the other was how few you'd see about the place. I still don't see that many 2254s, plenty of the blue "Bond" ones though!
    I smile to myself when I see someone wearing the same watch as the one I have on whether it be my Submariner or my SMP300. Clearly we both have good taste!

    Only once have I seen another Seamaster 120M though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by D4RW1N View Post
    I can see I’m swimming against the tide on this one, but I’m still on the “new side”.

    Given the ground swell of opinion against me though, I’m beginning to wonder why it’s so difficult to buy a new one. You’d think ADs would be drowning in the things based on this thread 
    I am with you. The new one !. This could be my next purchase. ( or deep sea )

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    Quote Originally Posted by number2 View Post
    Old, merely an opinion of course but they've gone from subtle and classy to lumpy and blingy, but if that's what the market dictates then so be it.
    I am with you. I had a few 5 digits Rolex'es over the years (a couple of SDs, a ND Sub and a Sub LV), but everything that came after starting with the Maxi cases, the DSSD, Hulk, Batman, a.s.o. does not really feel appealing to me.

    The lugs/bracelet combination being the worst of problems for me. The image associated to it the second. Everybody wearing one the next...

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