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Thread: Joy then utter frustration.......

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    Nice place.

    Joy then utter frustration.......

    Got myself up and was sat with my flat white watching England v All Blacks.
    Great game on the whole.
    The try.....should have been the winning try.....only to be strangely ruled offside despite Aaron Smith having his hands on the ball....a little reminiscent of the days when the scrum half would repeatedly dummy to draw the offside player and get a penalty.
    It seems to me that there have been some huge decisions made by referees, TMOs and linesmen which have altered the course of the game.....most notably this morning when it looked like an absolutely clear try.....others include red cards for "dangerous play" which appears totally unintentional at the time....challenging for a high kick etc.
    If this happens to be against a team playing the ABs, it's game over and sad for the fans both live and on TV. I believe that the benefit of the doubt should have gone the way of England this morning....but it didn't....even Justin Marshall was a little confused.
    Maybe the Irish can do it next week.
    I have lived here in NZ for over 11 years now....I have a black passport now......BUT....I will ALWAYS support England or any of the home nations.
    The ABs are a phenomenal powerhouse on the field and having seen Provincial rugby here, they could field half a dozen teams that would do well against most other national sides.

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    Agree totally with the above!
    Itís a sad day now with decisions on high tackles high kicks etc when clearly sometimes it was never intended. As for disallowing the try! Iím confused.

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    My take on the ruling was the scrum half had his hand on the ball but Lawes did not retreat behind the back foot so was ruled offside.
    That said he did not look offside to me...
    It was a great game
    England were in control for 30 mins and then ABs gave a masterclass in clawing back a game.
    Crappy result for the men in white but they gave a much better performance than I thought they would.
    Canít wait for the next 2 games.
    As for the high tackles rulings, they are spoiling the game, I understand the motive but you will not protect players by refereeing. The tackle line has always been around the arm pits, I think the refs need to judge a tackle on intent just like they did in the past. Also a high should not automatically be a yellow, they always look worse in slow motion when reviewed on a big screen.
    Players are still throwing themselves in to the ruck at force, as the ruck is no longer self policing and itís now the only way to clear a ruck, I suspect just as many injuries occur doing this as tackling, you just donít see them (itís how I fractured my skull a few years ago).
    Rugby is not as much fun to play anymore even at lower levels which is why I retired at the beginning of the season. I still love the game but canít help think it was much more fun 30+ years ago when I first started playing.
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    I thought the referee was poor yesterday and missed a lot. There were several blatant offsides he missed and as they did not directly lead to a try as the Lawes one did, donít get called back. He was consistently inconsistent called not straight line out throws against England but then not against NZ that was so easy to see as it was on the 22. He as many others now struggle to manage the scrum and protect the players, England turned NZ through 90 degrees and he let them carry on.

    But the big thing he got wrong was not just the Lawes decision, but he did not make the decision he let the TMO make it. It was always the premise that the Ref should make the decision backed up by the TMO. Also it was supposed to spot big errors and not fractional decisions and if the try was awarded on field it should be only reversed if there is a clear reason why!! Certainly not the case here

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