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Thread: New York advice

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    New York advice

    Hi we are off to New York in January me the wife and 2 kids age 10 and 14.
    Obviously sightseeing and shopping but my wife is getting stressed about new york passes or something? Basically it's like a sightseeing package with transport built in.
    If anyone has any info or tips or good things to see and do I'd appreciate it.
    On a watch note I'm planning to visit the grand Seiko boutique while I'm there but I probably wouldn't save money with the current exchange rate/ import tax would I?

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    Here's a start: And there's this: A sport event would be great as well. Nearly the end of the NFL season, ice hockey etc.

    This could also be interesting: Perhaps you can find better prices, but it gives you a nice list!

    New York has tons of highlights. Plan indoor activities for January, it can be very cold then. The museums are wonderful and sooooo big. Try to avoid schooldays... Tons of kids running around the building doing assignments. My wife and my youngest went during the Summer months and visited the Intrepid and landed in an 'Open Air Cinema' on deck or the carrier, showing Star Wars III (the first film)! Their highlight of the trip.

    9/11 Memorial is a must, but get tickets in advance and be aware of the queues: security. Boat trip to Ellis Island is very impressive as well; search for ancestors who made the trip from The Old Country to NY before you go to Ellis Island can be very interesting!

    Furthermore (according to my wife) January is the perfect month for shopping: like in Europe, sales are low in January (after Xmas) and shop owners want to attract people using sales and advertising.

    Movies before you go: The Adjustment Bureau and New York, I love you.

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    New York advice

    Went this August with the wifey and 3 kids (16,15&10).

    We mulled over the NY passes with the hop on/off busses. In the end didnít bother and bought tickets as required, which made the days more flexible.

    Best thing we did was to go on Scottís Pizza tour. We went with the man himself, great fun and got to see other NY boroughs on a real yellow school bus!

    Ellis Island/Liberty was also very good, we booked tickets in advance for that which saved a load of queues.

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    When the wife and I went we opted for the New York pass option. It worked well for us, we did all the main touristy things and it was easy to get around on the hop on/hop off busses.

    The only thing Iíll say is that to get value for money from the pass you really have to have your days well planned. I canít remember if we went for the 2 or 3 day pass option but it was full on and we were exhausted when arriving back at the hotel.

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