An interesting feature in the Guardian today on this Italian photographer. Worth reading and worthy of further investigation. 25x20cm, that's 10x8" !

"For many years, eschewing digital technology, Guidi has mostly used a large-format, 25 x 20cm camera – the biggest and bulkiest he can carry on his own, he says, its negatives the same size as the resulting print. The detail is vast. In a photograph of an ordinary glass-fronted door there is such a material density to the cracked paint on its frame, the brass fittings of its lock, that the fact of the print’s shiny flatness is almost overwhelmed. Reflected in the glass of the door is the image of a tree, slightly distorted by the faint curvature of the pane, and beneath it the ghostly faces of two children flanking the enigmatic black blob of the camera itself."