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Thread: Rally strap opinions

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    Rally strap opinions

    Greetings, Citizens.

    I recently bought a Seiko chrono from SC, which came on a rather tinny bracelet - no criticism at the price point. However, I wasn't a fan, and decided a rally strap would be appropriate for a chrono. I've actually ended up with 2, so a quick straw poll below to see which people think suit it best. Strap 1 has the big rally type holes, but is pretty stiff leather, Strap 2 has the smaller perforations and is more flexible. It's longer than Strap 1 and will need an extra hole putting it to sit where I'd like it.

    I think my personal preference is for 1, although it's less comfortable I'm hoping it will soften/deform with wear. Any other opinions?

    Strap 1:

    Strap 2:



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    This won't help, but for me they both suit the watch and I like them equally.

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    Strap 1 for me, the larger holes suit the chrono dial better IMO.

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    It's a close call but I think strap 1 does it for me slightly more on that watch. Both nice straps though. Where did you get them? Make?

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    Strap 1 off the watch stall on the Saturday market in town. Unbranded, £12.

    Strap 2 Amazon, Watchgecko, £14 delivered.

    Neither really bank-breakers..



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    Thatís quite a dressy chrono so Iíd go with the second strap with the smaller holes.

    I think the watch would look even better on alligator grain black leather though. Thatís how I used to wear mine.

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