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Thread: Any help with this Smiths watch?

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    Any help with this Smiths watch?

    Uh-oh... I left a pen in my pocket and it has gone through the wash...

    So now is a good time to make myself scarce and seek the help of those more knowledgable than myself (everyone) in identifying if this is fit for the bin or actually an ok thing. It was bought a few months ago from eBay after some light refreshment on holiday

    I have tried to get some pics that reflect it accurately, it is approx 34.5 with crown, approx 33mm without, 16mm lug width.

    It appears as though where it says shockproof there is a mark surrounding this, rubbing perhaps??

    Can anyone give me an indication of authenticity or value as I genuinely have no idea?
    Many Thanks in advance

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    If I could understand what youíre saying I may offer advice.....but I canít so I wonít.

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    Just read this back and I know what you mean, that was written by a complete nincompoop!

    I wanted to sell this for the fundraiser but I have no idea if it is right and proper or junk, I bought it after a few beers and have no real idea.

    Is it likely to be of interest or is it bin fodder... If I was to put it up, what would be a likely asking price?

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