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Thread: Precista GG-W-113

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    Question Precista GG-W-113

    I have had this Precista H3 watch in a drawer for many years and tried to look it up on the web with out success. Does anyone know anything about it? Value? Thanks.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    These are a bit of a strange one. I have seen the later black plastic tritium tube versions as well.
    As far as I am aware both Precista and Marathon watches were both made by Gallett once upon a time.
    As such there are the odd cross over of watches found with essentially a Marathon Case and Dial but marked Precista
    As you are aware the watch is the same as the US army issued GG W 113 but the contract was with Marathon not Precista. So my guess they are a production over run marked differently or an attempt by Precista to gain a contract with the MOD (they did produce a number of watches for the UK military)
    Nice watch either way though.
    I have no idea of value but 200 -300 (ish) would be my guess.

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