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Thread: Airport Lounge Club Question

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    Airport Lounge Club Question


    My parents are flying from Exeter to Faro.

    I have two complimentary Amex Card Lounge Tickets. If I add one or both of them as additional card holders to my Amex Card can you see any reason why they would be unable to access the lounge.

    Random I know, but just donít want to waste the passes.

    Kind regards,


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    Without being funny, do you reckon it'll be worth it? Admittedly I've never flown from Exeter, but Southampton is my local airport and quite frankly it's poxy in terms of available services, couple of WH Smiths and the worlds smallest duty free. I still fly from there whenever I can though, as there's none of this turning up 2 hours before nonsense. 40 minutes before the flight is plenty, no check-in queues, wander straight through security, a quick wazz and walk onto the plane. Scarcely time to use a lounge, if there is even is one.

    Of course, if you can blag the BA business lounge in T5 that's well worth it, but at a regional airport I'd rather have the extra time in bed..



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    FWIW, the lounge at Exeter is unattended and basic, food is limited to packets of cheese, biscuits and peanuts and rarely is there even a bowl of fruit, tea and coffee is from a vending machine.

    Access is by a coded lock and the code is given by a service desk, no idea if your AmEx passes would suffice on their own but again FWIW the staff on the desk are very easy-going.

    If they presented the passes and were refused I can't see how they'd be wasted though as you could use them elsewhere?

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    Fair enough.

    Just unsure if Iíll be flying again this year or next.



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    The answer is possibly yes - I have Amex platinum and if you add an additional card holder (no charge) then they get full privileges but it would take a few days or so for the cards and membership to come out. The lounges you get access to are generally the Aspire Lounge or similar so not amazing and I wouldnít pay 25 for access as some people do - they are handy when travelling alone as can put stuff down and when delayed. Because it is an access scheme genuine members get priority too so can be told is few unless booked but you canít book on this scheme. All in all probably not worth the trouble for a one off trip. BTW the Southampton Lounge is quite OK really obviously a small airport but I have spent a lot of time in it due to delays and have been to worse.

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    Ah ok.

    Might be an option then.

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    Just thought when you sign into the lounge they check your boarding pass so names would have to match the passes I expect.

    I have checked on the app and both airports seem to have lounges available although both seem fairly basic.

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    Ah thatís a shame. Relatively easy to add one of them as an additional cardholder. But donít think I can change the lounge passes.

    Will have a look.

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    Well it looks like the lounge passes will only work in Faro. Exeter is not listed on

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    Quote Originally Posted by burnside View Post
    Well it looks like the lounge passes will only work in Faro. Exeter is not listed on
    Ah they are different then - my Amex gives me lounge access via Priority Pass.

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    Just give them your lounge pass and let them sign in - you don’t need to show your Amex and you can swipe them twice and use both free goes in one shot. FWIW, my wife and I used our two free goes - one in Gatwick (not so good) and the other in Malta. Bloody fantastic. I had one more go that I had to pay the flat rate of £15 for which was in Stansted and that was just a glorified cafť. Mind you, I got my fifteen quids worth in drink alone that time as I wasn’t driving at the other end! I’ve already sent mine back - don’t forget to send yours back before the years up so that you don’t get hit with the £140 annual charge in year 2. I assume you joined for the same as me - two free lounge passes and a store card/cash if you spend £2k in the first 3 months? My wife took the £90 cash back off of her bill and I took a £100 store card. Unfortunately it was House of Fraser and they went pop before I could spend it! New owners not accepting old cards. Oh well, I can go again in 6 months.

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    We used an Aspire lounge in Manchester last year. My other half thought it was worth it as she drank more than the cost of entry in Prosecco.

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    Yes I took it for a trip to Kansas and the flipping thing turned after I had left!

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    Funny enough, I used my one of my two Amex freebies to get into the Aspire lounge in Gatwick North terminal when on my way to Lisbon. I thought it was pretty decent and had some nice bacon and eggs to start my day.

    You get two free lounge passes with an Amex Preferred Gold, and as the Card is free for the first year, the lounge passes plus 20k Amex points made getting the card for a year a no brainer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motman View Post
    the other in Malta. Bloody fantastic.
    I've got a Priority Pass and use lounges a lot. The lounge in Malta is as good as it gets. Great food, premium help-yourself drinks, outside area. A lounge worth arriving early for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony View Post
    I've got a Priority Pass and use lounges a lot. The lounge in Malta is as good as it gets. Great food, premium help-yourself drinks, outside area. A lounge worth arriving early for.
    Yeah. We weren’t going to use it as we had less than an hour to our flight. However, when my missus got on the end of a 20+ long queue for the ladies loo, we changed our mind and went upstairs. Turned out a no-brainer. These two photos were taken just over 5 minutes apart.

    We went from this:

    To this:

    Oh, the joy!
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    Came back via Faro last night, itís not a bad airport, good seating and so,e reasonable places to eat. The lounge is a hassle to get to if your flying to UK as itís in the schenken (spellling?) area.

    Great pizza place that was empty but get them to sit down and order not order at counter.

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