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Thread: Sell Speedy Tuesday to buy CK2998

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    Sell Speedy Tuesday to buy CK2998

    I have the opportunity to buy the new CK2998 at list price but would need to sell my Speedy Tuesday to fund the purchase and would have funds left over (not quite sure how much). Question is should I make the switch, tried the CK on this week and is incredibly comfortable and at the moment the Tuesday is getting no wrist time at all. I know the answer is go with the one you want but would to hear other people’s opinions on this!!

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    Having done both keep the Original Tuesday

    C.K. is a tad delicate compared with 42mm Pro


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    A tough call. I owned a ST1 (now swapped for a ST2 ) and have tried on the CK2998 Pulsometer at an AD event. I was much more impressed but the CK in the flesh than in pics and thought it a seriously high quality item. I personally prefer the form factor and symmetry of the CK2998 case so on that basis would probably do the swap. I initially really liked the ST1 but the poor sub dial lume disappointed after a while and the practicality or otherwise of a fully brushed case persuaded me to trade it in for the second gen. I'll be honest, the increase in value helped the decision too.

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