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Thread: Bucherer Edition Tag F1

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    Bucherer Edition Tag F1

    Forgive me if this has been posted previously, but I just come across this on A Blog To Watch, thought it looked lovely.

    Nice entry level Swiss watch, by a brand that got a lot of us into watches at the start.

    Might see what extra cash Iíll have in the New Year and treat myself.

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    The dial says tag heuer two time
    As a logo and under the hands

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    Itís consistent with modern Tag divers in that it leaves me cold. Thereís nothing about it that would attract my attention and the double-name on the dial is just awful.
    But we canít all like the same things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzman View Post
    The dial says tag heuer two time
    As a logo and under the hands

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    It has to!

    A few years back Bernie cracked down on the use of the Formula 1 name, and the compromise was that the watch always had to be referred to as the "TAG Heuer Formula 1" and never "Formula 1"

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    I quite like it be honest Ė even though it looks like a dive watch (which seems a bit inconsistent with F1/Motorsport!).

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    Quite a nice clean look, not for me but better than most. Itís not going to replicate the success of other Bucherer editions though.
    It's just a matter of time...

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    I do quite like the F1,s really, but it would have to be cheap and probably secondhand before Iíd buy one.
    The blue is rather nice and also the white version.

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