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Thread: Omega 1330

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    Omega 1330

    Hi all

    I have a two-hander Omega 1330 that is sadly U/S. I am no expert, but I believe it is the electronic module (part # 1330-9150) that is at fault.

    I am keeping my eyes open for either this part or a spare working movement to come up on eBay (unsurprisingly none of the regular suppliers seem to have it as NOS), but in the meantime would anyone happen to know if there is a replacement quartz movement that might fit?

    Ranfft tells me that the 1330 is 20mm diameter and 6mm high, see

    I can trawl through the specs for every other quartz movement but I wondered if anyone might happen to know one of similar dimensions already?

    Clearly an Omega quartz movement would be ideal, but as I am only resurrecting the watch to use as a beater I would be fine replacing it with a generic movement of the right specification.

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    Omega 1330

    Well, an alternative replacement quartz movement is on its way. Nominally the same size, at least as measured using the digital calipers, it will be interesting to see what is needed to make it fit - if it fits at all of course.

    If it works, at least this way the watch will be usable until the original movement can be repaired (if it ever can).

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    Keep us posted. It may be useful for others in the future. I've had similar movement swap opportunities and wondered about suitable alternatives. Thanks, and hope it fits!

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    Will do.

    The new movement arrived in today's post and fits perfectly.

    As I expected, though, the dial feet from the Omega are not in the correct position for the new movement. I don't really want to remove them and use dial spots, as I would prefer at some point to restore the watch to the original specification, so I might have to look at some surreptitious drilling of the new movement.

    In retrospect a smaller movement might have been a better proposition, as then the holes for the dial could have been drilled in the movement ring.

    At GBP 6.50 plus postage, though, I'll have a go with the movement that arrived today first.

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    I tried a variety of ways to use the original dial with the Ronda 502 movement, including drilling holes in the movement main plate (resulting in....ahem...a second movement being required) but it proved too much of a challenge for my limited skills.

    In the end I had to remove the dial feet from the Omega dial and use spots. Other than that, the movement fits well and is keeping good time.

    A replacement Omega crown of a suitable size was also sourced and fitted.

    Though clearly not ideal, it has at least let me get the watch back into a usable state:

    Given that there seemed little alternative other than scrap, and the watch is just intended as a beater, I am happy with the result.

    In the meantime I have also found a potential replacement dial and movement (though unclear if it is works) so that does give me another option if needed.

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    Repair dial feet are available, with a flat base. Theyíre fiddly to trim and fit, but Iíve used them to repair broken feet using twp pack epoxy adhesive to fix them to the dial. If this is done carefully thevresulting repair is fine but wonít stand up to being dismantled and refitted many times.

    One problem with fitting a non-standard movement is getting the crown to fit at the correct height and getting the dial at the right height. Basically I avoid these jobs like the plague, too much fannying about and no guarantee of a satsfactory outcome. However, itís a viable alternative to fixing an old movement with nil parts availability.


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    Omega 1330

    Paul, thatís much how I approached it - it would either work or the watch would have continued on its trajectory to the scrap bin, as parts for the 1330 seem to be like the proverbial henís teeth.

    From what I could tell of the technical specifications beforehand the Ronda seemed like a good fit, though marginally slimmer than the 1330 (by about 0.2-0.3mm). Helped by the fact that the case/case back has a slot for the stem rather than a hole, as it turns out the crown and stem are unimpeded.

    More luck than judgement, but itís nice when it does work!

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