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Thread: WatchGecko Beads of Rice Bracelet

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    WatchGecko Beads of Rice Bracelet

    I keep looking at Doxas but while I continue to faff over ordering one or not I thought I'd give this bracelet a go on my Seiko SKX011.

    WatchGecko Beads of Rice with the optional curved end pieces:

    It seems to be well made and the end pieces fit as good as some standard Seiko bracelets I have; ie: Not brilliant but really not too bad either... :o)
    The links are joined with pins (no collars - hooray!) and was easy to adjust for size. Doesn't seem to be a hair puller.

    This one has a butterfly clasp which is I think really neat:

    I have no connection with WatchGecko other than as a happy customer....

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