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Thread: It was supposed to be so easy...

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    It was supposed to be so easy...

    I thought I would partake in a spot of bezel swapping, how hard could it be?
    Any suggestions from the more experienced out there, any hints or tips, I've looked online and it all looks so straight forward!!

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    Use the length of the blade, not the tip. I just use a Swiss army knife, slip blade under the bezel, and then twist the handle rather than lifting it.

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    I rarely use a steel blade, far too much risk of marking the case. A plastic picnic knife blade can be used, or the plastic tool for removing car interior trim. I always try to twist the bezel and insert the knife at the same time. A crystal lifter with brass legs can sometimes be used to pull the bezel off whilst twisting. Before attempting to remove it pays to lubricate the bezel and dislodge as much crap as possible, either water and detergent (provided the watch is waterproof) or WD40 will help. ensure the bezels as clean as it can be before trying to remove.

    Itís an advantage to have the watch clamped up firmly rarher than hold it. A case clamp and vice come in handy.

    Sometimes Iíve had to admit defeat!


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    Never an easy job. Risk of scratching is very high with blades.

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    Ok... I think I need to admit defeat for now, I've tried all of the suggestions and I just can't get it. There are marks now but I will be keeping it so I'm not going to lose sleep over it but I really want to change this blinking bezel!! Time to step away for a day or two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craizeehair View Post
    Time to step away for a day or two.
    Your own advice is good - tackling delicate watch tasks whilst rushing or frustrated often ends badly (ask me how I know!).

    Other than that, I'd echo the advice re a Swiss Army Knife blade (sharp enough to get underneath, and the chunky handle provides good purchase) and also to use the blade as a lever, pivoting on the sharp edge so the side of the blade prys off the bezel (doing it the other way, turning lengthwise, means the sharp edge of the blade bites into the case/bezel and marks them). If there's room, placing a thick polythene sandwich bag in between can help protect the metal, as can tape.

    Good luck.

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    Swiss Army knife, blade length ways, quick twist at the handle and you should be fine. The only thing to watch out for with an older Seiko is the clickball. I took the bezel off of my 6309 and when I went to put it back on was dismayed to find the ball wasnít there. I was lucky in that it was laying in a crease in my jeans...very easy to lose

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    Gotcha ya bugger!! I've tried on and off over a few weeks, this was make or break tonight... this was coming off one way or another! Neither the watch nor me got away unmarked but I'm feeling rather pleased.
    I genuinely wouldn't have believed it could have been so difficult.

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