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Thread: NOS strap for 1943 Omega CSI

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    NOS strap for 1943 Omega CSI

    Found this NOS period correct strap to go with my 1943 Omega CSI (Civil Service India) watch.

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    I have my Smiths W10 on one on those.

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    Good find could you post a picture of the back as well - are the loops sewn in and is it a “nato” style?

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    Here you go. The loops are free to move. It has the extra bit like the modern nato.

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    This is epic, cant beat a patina like that

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    I quite like the different numbering.... not the more typical 3,6,9,12 I’m used to seeing.


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    I have one of these HB hygienic straps in my parts box
    I bought it for my A11 or A17 unfortunately it was a too short for my wrist.
    They are lovely little straps and they look good on the watch.

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